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Best Books, Articles, and Blogs About Nutrition

If you are looking to learn more about nutrition, there’s a whole wealth of information available online and printed in books. It can sometimes be hard to decide which sources are reliable, and so to help you out, we’ve gathered together a selection of books, articles, and blogs that can help to inspire you to improve your diet. Diet is a key part of your fitness journey when training here at Braxton Gilbert Fitness Mobile, and we encourage you to learn as much as you can about how food impacts your body in order to live your healthiest life.


How Many Calories Should I Be Eating

One of the most common questions our personal training Mobile team is asked is about the number of calories we should be eating. Our team at Braxton Fitness wrote this blog entitled How Many Calories Should I Be Eating, which takes a deeper dive into this topic. While we don’t always encourage our clients to calorie count for every meal, it’s important to increase your understanding of the topic to ensure you aren’t overdoing your daily calories on a regular basis.

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The Mind-Gut Connection

This is a fascinating read into The Mind-Gut Connection, which discusses how our food choices can impact our mood and overall health. More research has been undertaken into this topic in recent years, and Emeran Mayer takes a look at how you can heal the gut with a plant-based diet and cut back on sugar and processed foods. It discusses ways in which to boost your immunity and prevent neurological diseases in the future. If you’ve been struggling with fatigue, anxiety, or depression, you’ll also find this to be a fascinating read that may offer you some great tips to overcome the struggles you are facing.

Meal Prepping 101

Meal prepping is something that so many people swear by, so to help you get started, we shared our Meal Prepping 101. If you always find you are short of time and reach for unhealthy meal choices for convenience, meal prepping can help you avoid this issue. It’s a great way to ensure you are enjoying nutritious meals and might be the tool that helps you start living a healthier life.

How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease

While the title might seem a little gloomy, this is an excellent book for anyone looking at ways to prevent disease in the future with your diet. Michael Greger explores the link between diet and disease in How Not to Die and shares top tips for preventing specific illnesses that may run in your family. He shares how to treat the top fifteen causes of death, as well as offering a checklist called the Daily Dozen foods we should consume each day. It’s a very practical book that anyone can apply alongside their workouts with all types of fitness instructors.

The Obesity Code

Obesity is a huge issue here in the US, and it’s something that many of our clients in our gym in Mobile, AL, are concerned about. The Obesity Code by Jason Fung has helped thousands of people to lose weight for good, thanks to intermittent fasting. He discusses the science behind weight gain and encourages you to enjoy a low carb and high fat diet. Instead of spending the rest of your life on fad diets, he’ll share with you practical diet advice that can be applied to anyone’s life alongside their workouts in a Mobile, AL gym.

Food & Mood

This article from KHNI explores the science between nutrition and mental wellness. The past year has been incredibly challenging for many of us from a mental health standpoint, but this article will help to unlock some top tips for improving your mood with your diet. If you think your current diet may be the reason for your low mood or feelings of depression, consider the link between your gut and brain further. We appreciate the practical advice in this article and the lists of foods you can try consuming more of to boost your mood.

9 Healthy Foods and Drinks You Shouldn’t Binge – and Why

Many of us have a tendency to think that we can consume any amount of healthy food or drink. However, moderation is the key with most types of food and drink, and this article from Everyday Health takes a deeper dive into this topic. It shares nine of the healthy foods that you still need to eat in moderation. If you are struggling to make progress with your diet and training plans with our Braxton Fitness team, these may be the top reasons you aren’t losing the weight you thought you would by now. You’ll find some great recommendations here for how much would be appropriate to eat of your favorite healthy foods each day.

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The Definitive Guide to Healthy Eating in Real Life

Healthy eating is something that many of us aspire to, but it isn’t always so easy to apply to our day-to-day lives. Healthline shares this complete guide to healthy eating in real life, which offers practical tips that even the busiest of individuals can start to apply to their eating plans. It discusses the best diets and meal plans for your needs and offers you a guide to the basics of healthy eating that anyone should know. If you don’t know where to get started with changing your diet, this would be a great article to read to start your journey.

As you can see, there are so many amazing resources available to help with your nutrition. Whether you are just looking to learn more about how food impacts your body and mind or are trying to lose weight, these resources will all act as inspiration on your journey. Of course, you’ll want to work with our team for personal training sessions in Mobile as part of your overall health journey, as exercise and nutrition work hand-in-hand to improve your health and wellbeing.