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Best Shoes For Different Workout Activities

When it comes to working out, the footwear that you wear will have a huge impact on your performance. Whether you are running, hiking, going to the gym, or playing tennis, you’ll find that a good pair of shoes will help to make your experience far more enjoyable. Today our team at Braxton Fitness is going to share our top recommendations for the best shoes for different workout activities. We hope these shoes will help elevate your performance and take working with different types of trainers in the gym to the next level.

The Best Running Shoes

When it comes to running, you need to support your feet and ankles with a good pair of running shoes. When your shoes are too thin or weak, running on the roads will likely result in shin splints or damage to your joints and ligaments. Running shoes are more reactive upon hitting the ground, which is why they are different from the type of shoes you would use for weightlifting. When you run at the same speed in the same pair of shoes for some time, it can lead to injuries, so we recommend mixing up your running shoes for different types of runs where possible.

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For running shoes, any type of trainer will likely recommend the Adidas Ultraboost shoes. This is one of the most popular pairs of shoes of all time from Adidas, and they feel incredibly light to run in. They offer your feet and legs the support they need to run for long distances. These shoes are also a versatile solution for using at the gym or walking, so they are a great option for anyone just starting out with running as well.

Top Shoes for Hiking

If you are a keen hiker, you are no doubt aware of the challenges of using certain types of shoes on uneven terrain. For that reason, we highly encourage you to invest in a sturdy pair of hiking boots that will support your ankles and avoid sprains on your journey. Your everyday running shoes aren’t going to be suitable for hiking, so look for hiking boots like The Via All-Terrain from York Athletics. They will stop you from slipping over on uneven ground or rocks that you may come across on your next hike. While some hiking boots can be a little pricey, different types of trainers will always recommend this investment to protect your feet and ankles.

The Best Shoes for the Gym

Heading into the gym, you’ll find that you need to consider investing in a different pair of shoes than you’d need for outdoor workouts. Here at Braxton Gilbert Fitness Mobile, we love Nike Metcons. These are some of the top workout shoes, and they are perfect for activities such as CrossFit. They’ll allow you to run, jump, lift, or climb stairs, making them ideal for a varied training session in the gym. They are ideal for anyone with a narrow foot or higher arch and are great for any workout which involves a wide variety of movements. If you enjoy HIIT workouts, the Nike Metcon 7 is our top pick. They offer additional cushioning for running movements but will also support you as you move from side to side.

Kickboxing Shoes

Kickboxing requires shoes unlike those that you would wear for any of the activities we’ve covered so far. The Adidas Aldi-KICK 2 Martial Arts shoes are ideal for experienced kickboxers who are looking to take their practice to the next level. They are a very light pair of shoes with short laces for a better fit. You’ll want to find shoes like these with a tight fit to ensure they stay on through your practice. They can also be used to tae kwon do, and you’ll find that the pivot points on the rubber sole will help you to enjoy more mobility when you are on your feet. Beginners should look for kickboxing shoes with slightly higher ankle support so that you minimize the chance of twisting your ankle during training.

Best Rock Climbing Shoes

Rock climbing is a sport that many of our team at Gilbert Fitness recommend alongside your other personal training sessions in Mobile. Rock climbing requires a different type of shoes altogether, and the La Sportiva Miura VS model is a great example of this. The shoes can be used for sport climbing and bouldering as well, and they’ll support you when climbing on rocks of all shapes and sizes. You’ll find that rock climbing shoes stretch a little bit over time, so make sure you are careful about what size of shoe you purchase.

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Tennis Shoes

If you are a regular tennis player, make sure you invest in shoes that will support you when playing this sport. We particularly like the Asics Gel Resolution 8, which is the perfect all-court tennis shoe. It’s a very stable option that supports your side-to-side movements when playing. These shoes offer the Dynawrap lacing system, which ensures your feet stay in play throughout the match. They offer a well-cushioned heel to protect you from impact, and they are tough and long-lasting for regular tennis players. You’ll find that these shoes are an excellent investment for anyone who plays tennis each week on top of working with other personal trainer types.

In order to make the most of your training sessions at Braxton Gilbert Fitness Mobile, we highly encourage you to think about investing in the right type of shoes for your sport. This will help to elevate your performance while also making the experience much more comfortable and enjoyable. By taking the time to search for the most supportive shoes for the movements that your sport requires, you’ll minimize the chance of injury and enjoy longer training sessions or matches when playing your favorite sport. Our team will always be here to support you on your fitness journey, so if you have any questions about the right type of shoes for your personal training session, don’t hesitate to contact us today.