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How To Stay Active On Vacation

We all need to take a break from our everyday life from time to time. However, just because you are heading on vacation, you don’t need to stop enjoying a balanced and active lifestyle. Here at Braxton Gilbert Fitness Mobile, we’ve put together a list of top tips to help you keep up with your workouts and healthy diet when traveling anywhere this summer.

Choose a Hotel or Resort with a Gym

Before even heading off on your vacation, we encourage you to think about staying active when booking your trip. Look for hotels with large gyms or fitness studios, which will allow you to keep up your routine that you’ve been following with different types of personal trainers. Look for facilities that are open for long hours each day and that have the machines and equipment you most commonly use. This will make it much easier to fit a quick workout in during your vacation before going out for the day with your family.

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Plan Active Days Out

On top of fitting in your workouts on vacation, if you find you are a little short of time for a heavy leg day, consider finding active adventures to enjoy as a family. Look out for local State Parks, where you can enjoy hiking on the trails. If you are heading off on a beach vacation, enjoy various water sports, such as kayaking, surfing, or stand up paddle boarding. All of these will offer you a great physical challenge while still getting to see more of the destination you are visiting.

Enjoy Your Resort’s Sporting Facilities

If you are staying somewhere which offers more than just a gym to workout in, consider keeping fit in a different way during your vacation. One of the biggest fitness misconceptions is that you have to spend hours in the gym to keep fit, but you could also enjoy a day on your resort’s golf course or a game of tennis with your family. See what classes your resort has to offer, as you could enjoy a yoga class one day and a HIIT workout the next. Vacation is always a good time to try something new, so take advantage of anything on offer where you are staying.

Stay Hydrated

During the summer months, you’ll want to ensure you are staying hydrated throughout your vacation. When you are spending more time outdoors at the beach or the pool, it can be easy to switch your usual bottle of water for a cocktail. However, this often leads to you eating more than you need to, when all your body really needs is another glass of water. Take a refillable water bottle with you on your days out, so you’ll never be caught short.

Try to Avoid Buffets

When dining out on vacation, try your best to avoid buffets. While these are sometimes included as a hotel breakfast, there’s always a temptation to overindulge at a buffet. If you do have to eat at a self-service restaurant, try to avoid putting too much on your plate just to try and get your money’s worth.

Research Dining Locations in Advance

While it’s always good to have some spontaneity on your vacation, if you have been following a strict workout plan and diet with our team at Braxton Fitness, don’t let this go just because you are on vacation. If you follow a specific diet, take the time to look at menus online before your trip and book some restaurants in advance. This will ensure you can stick to your current diet, and you won’t feel terrible upon returning from vacation. This is especially important if you are traveling with anyone who has dietary requirements, as it can be harder to find restaurants when you are away from home that can accommodate these.

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Spend Time Outdoors

A vacation is a great time to spend some time focusing on your mental health, and when you are traveling, you’ll have plenty of time to head outdoors and explore. You could even take your workouts outdoors and do essential leg workouts in the sunshine. Depending on where you are traveling, there’s likely to be an abundance of parks, beaches, and natural attractions you can visit. Make sure you spend a few hours outside each day in nature, which is proven to be one of the best ways to improve your mental health.

Pack Your Fitness Essentials

For anyone traveling to a more remote location or accommodation without a gym, we encourage you to pack a few essentials to exercise anywhere. After working with Mobile fitness trainers, you no doubt know the types of workouts you could do in a smaller space. A jump rope, resistance bands, and an exercise mat are all you need to get started, and you could even place these in a carry-on bag. On top of that, ensure you have packed your workout shoes and clothing so that you can keep up with your fitness routine anywhere in the world.

Choose Healthy Snacks

When you are out and about all day long, it can sometimes be hard to find nutritious snacks in a rush. To avoid this dilemma, stop at a grocery store on the first day of your trip to pick up fruits and healthy snacks you can keep in your backpack. Instead of spending ages looking for a healthy snack, you’ll have one on hand to feed your family and avoid any arguments from being tired and hungry.

As you can see, a little prior planning will help you to keep on track with the fitness goals that you’ve been working towards at Braxton Gilbert Fitness Mobile. We all deserve a good break from our work and everyday lives from time to time, but you can still exercise during vacation and enjoy a balanced diet. The key to living a healthy life is to enjoy everything in moderation, and you’ll find that the rest you get on your vacation can help you get one step further towards your goals. After your vacation, you’ll be excited to return to Braxton Fitness and continue to improve on your health and fitness in the upcoming months.