Jennifer Carlisle

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Hey! My name is Jennifer and here’s my story.

I have struggled with weight loss for as long as I can remember. I joined Braxton Gilbert Fitness after having my third child. I knew after having my third and being older I was going to face monumental challenges to achieve weight loss.

Face monumental challenges to achieve weight loss

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I struggled in the first few months at Braxton Gilbert Fitness with stress from work and a busy lifestyle carting kids around. After much encouragement and motivation from the personal trainers I was able to drop 30 lbs.  After accomplishing the weight loss and developing a more consistent personal training routine I have found that the stress and busy mom lifestyle are easier to handle. I am more energized. I look forward to my time at Braxton Gilbert Fitness.

Being the mom of a teenage girl and knowing the struggles I have had it is so important to me that she sees how important a healthy lifestyle is. We spend a lot of time working out together now and it means a lot to me that we can spend that time together.  I hope that this will make a great impact on their lives as it has mine.

 I was able to drop 30 pounds!

Now, my goal is to get stronger! Over the past year I have learned getting stronger, losing weight, and living a healthy lifestyle take time. A few boot camps ago we were doing an circuit where we would have to run through the parking lot. I was hardly able to keep up. Braxton then reminded me that only one year ago I was not even able to run. And here am keeping up just towards the back. My goal is to now get stronger and move up from the back of the pack.

The benefits of personal fitness are huge. Start a healthy lifestyle today.

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