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New Year’s Resolutions: Setting Goals and Keeping Them

The new year is upon us, and there’s no better time than the present to start thinking about your goals for the upcoming year. Whether you already feel like you’ve gone off track or are just starting to think about your fitness goals for the year, there are certain things to keep in mind when setting goals for the year ahead. Keep reading to discover how to set goals and keep them with the help of the team at Braxton Fitness. 

How to Set Goals

When it comes to setting goals and resolutions, we recommend using the SMART framework. This is a way to ensure your goals are realistic and will help you to keep on track:

  • Specific – Goals need to be very clearly written out so that you know exactly what you are working towards with personal training in Mobile.
  • Measurable – Your goal should ideally have a measurable target. This could be a certain weight you’d like to lift, an amount of weight you’d like to lose, or a race you’d like to complete.
  • Achievable – Don’t try and set yourself goals that are truly impossible to achieve. This will only lead to a lack of motivation and interest for you, meaning you will soon give up on those goals.
  • Realistic – The goals need to be realistic based on your current fitness level and life. Don’t try to sign up for a marathon if you can’t even run a mile. Take it slowly, and you’ll soon be able to set those more demanding goals.
  • Time-Bound – Every goal needs to have a time when you’d like to achieve it. That could be in a month, a quarter, or by the end of the year.

When you set SMART goals, you’ll be well on the way to achieving your goals this year. This framework ensures your goals will be truly achievable so that you won’t beat yourself up when working with any type of trainer. Our team at Braxton Gilbert Fitness Mobile can help you to set goals and will be able to advise you about suitable goals for your current fitness level. Now that you know how to set goals and New Year’s resolutions, let’s take a look at how to stay on track this year.

How to Keep Your Goals

Write Your Goals Down

If your fitness goals are just something you’ve kept in your mind until now, it’s time to write them out and place them somewhere prominent in your home. If you struggle with overeating, you might put your goal on the fridge so that you see it every time you try and take a snack. For someone who struggles to get up in the morning, putting a fitness goal on the mirror may be the boost you need to keep going. The more you remind yourself of your goal, the less likely you’ll be to give up before you even get started.

Find an Accountability Partner

One of the top reasons for working with personal trainers in Mobile, AL, is to have someone to keep you accountable. You might use your partner or best friend as well for this purpose, as they can check in with you each week or month to see how you are doing. When you share a goal, you have other people who want to support you and know how you are doing. The likelihood of you achieving your goal increases significantly when someone else knows about it. While it can feel intimidating to share personal goals, this is one of the top steps to achieving your goals this year.

Break Your Goals Down Into Smaller Steps

If your goal is to hit a certain weight this year, you need to break this down into smaller goals. Don’t get too overwhelmed thinking about the final goal you are aiming for, and instead, focus on smaller weekly or monthly goals. You can then focus your energy on the smaller goal. This regular sense of achievement will help you to stay motivated, as you’ll feel like you’ll be on your way to the bigger goal. Make sure you celebrate when you reach these goals, too, as you need to celebrate these smaller milestones in life.

Work With a Personal Trainer

If your resolution this year involves your fitness and health, we highly recommend looking into different types of trainers. Our trainers at Braxton Gilbert Fitness will help you to find joy in working out and challenge you with each session that you attend. Personal training in Mobile is a worthwhile investment for anyone, and you’ll have someone to guide you to improve your fitness and health this year.

Keep Setting New Goals

Once you reach your first goal, it’s not time to give up. With that feeling of satisfaction pushing you forward, keep setting new goals throughout the year. Many of us focus on the new year so much that we neglect to make changes in our life as time passes. Different personal trainer types can help you to adjust your training plan during the year and keep challenging yourself as you progress. Don’t be afraid to make new and more difficult goals for yourself as your health and fitness improve. Goals are the things that help us to keep moving forward in life, and you’ll find that you can start again at any point in the next year.

As you can see, it’s never too late to start setting goals for yourself this year. Our team at Gilbert Fitness will be excited to support you with your goals and help you to achieve them this year. A personal trainer is one of the best supports you could have for your fitness goals, and we can match you with the right type of trainer to meet your needs. Contact us today for more information about working with a personal trainer and to bring your vision for the new year to life in no time at all with our help this year.