Pam Sullivan

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I have never been athletic–at all–never exercised or owned a muscle in my life. As I aged, I noticed I was gaining weight, getting weaker and had little stamina. I sit about nine hours per day at my job, which does not help. I wanted to do something about it, but the fear of walking into a gym for the first time really didn’t help. I could not bring myself to walk into a gym with all the fit, athletic people and have everyone stare (or so I thought). But I wanted, needed, to do something. My husband found Braxton Gilbert Fitness and told me to check out the website. I was excited and scared at the same time. I looked at the website and sent a message.

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Braxton called me right back and we had the best talk! I felt comfortable making that first step into the gym. I don’t mind saying it was hard to get out of the car the first day, but everyone made me feel welcome and to my surprise (even though Braxton told me) it was not a gym full of muscle heads, there were people like me. Let me tell you that first workout with Chase I wanted to cry and run out the door, but I got through it and was so proud I made it. Then I thought “What have I done? I have to come back tomorrow!”

I got through it and was so proud

Chase was right there cheering me on. The next day, it wasn’t quite as hard to get out of the car. By the second week I felt like I had been in a car wreck! I hurt so bad, but knew that I might have a muscle because they HURT so badly. Scott explained it was because I was stretching my muscles and it would eventually get easier. At first, I dreaded my gym sessions.

But I walked into the gym and saw that everyone was so supportive and friendly and I knew I could do this, maybe not pretty or gracefully, but I could do it. I remember telling Alex one day I was dying, he said, “No, you’re not,” and guess what, I made it through. Alex pushes me, tells me I can do this, and after my exercises I know he has helped me to a great workout. I am about four months in, and am I as skinny as I want to be? No. But am I stronger, down some pounds and have more stamina. YES!

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I felt comfortable making that first step into the gym

Chase tells me to be proud of where I am, but not satisfied. I have continued with online workouts during this pandemic and I love them!! The personal trainers have made sure I am getting a great workout at home. I told them I will be glad when the gym opens back up because they are kicking my behind! I miss it on the days I don’t workout, but make a point to do one solo workout every week, and walk 1-2 miles most evenings. I know the personal trainers have changed my life and I will never go back. I am so thankful for each one of them and how they have helped me change my life.

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