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Pre-Workout Products

If you regularly exercise but have never taken pre-workout before, you are probably wondering what the benefits of these products are. Pre-workout comes in many different forms, including creatine, beta-alanine, and beet juice. These products are trusted by many individuals to give them a much-needed boost before their next training session with our team at Braxton Gilbert Fitness. Let’s take a look at the benefits of taking pre-workout and our top recommendations of which product to use before working with different types of fitness instructors.

The Benefits Of Taking Pre-Workout

While results may vary between individuals, there are many reasons why our clients here at Braxton Fitness opt to take pre-workout:

  • Improved Performance – Depending on the type of pre-workout you consume; you may find you enjoy improved blood flow and increased exercise performance during your workout. Caffeine is often included in pre-workout supplements and can boost your fat burn during a session at a gym in Mobile, AL.
  • Energy Boost – One of the key reason’s individuals turn to pre-workout today is to boost their energy before a training session. After a long day in the office, sometimes you need a little additional help to get you through a rigorous training session with one of our trainers.
  • Improved Memory and Focus – Many people find that pre-workout helps to improve their mental alertness and focus during a training session. If you find you struggle to focus during your workout, this might be the boost you need to stop thinking about everything else that’s going on in your life and focus on the task at hand.

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Potential Drawbacks of Pre-Workout

As there is a wide selection of pre-workout products on the market today, you’ll want to be careful about what you consume before training with Braxton Gilbert Fitness Mobile. Ensure you take a look at the ingredients in the product you select to avoid doing more harm to your body than good. These are a few potential risks to be aware of with certain pre-workout products:

  • Artificial Sweeteners – If you are trying to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, avoid pre-workout supplements with artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. They are often used to improve the flavor of the product but may cause discomfort in your stomach.
  • Excess Caffeine – If you know you are sensitive to caffeine, be careful about consuming a product with too much caffeine before taking part in various types of personal training. You may find this excess caffeine disrupts your sleep and increases your blood pressure.
  • Product Safety and Testing – In the United States and elsewhere in the world, supplements aren’t as closely regulated as other types of food. Read the label of the product you are consuming very carefully to ensure it doesn’t contain anything that could be detrimental to your health and fitness. Look for products that have been tested by a third-party company you recognize for best results.

What Type of Pre-Workout Should I Take?

The type of pre-workout you take before a training session is dependent on the types of fitness instructors you are working with. Here we’ll take a look at what ingredients you should look for when taking part in different training sessions throughout the week.

Strength Training

If you are working with one of our fitness trainers on a strength workout, you’ll want to look for a product that aims to improve your strength and pumps. Common ingredients you will see in this type of pre-workout include creatine, caffeine, citrulline, and betaine. These are generally the easiest supplements to find on the market today and have been trusted by athletes for many years. If you are looking to lift more weight and gain muscle, these are the best options for you to help push you to your limit during each training session this year.

Endurance Training

Our trainers at Braxton Gilbert Fitness Mobile know how challenging it can be to get through an endurance workout after a long day. Endurance workouts aim for maximum reps, but they could also include runs and other cardio workouts. Look for products with beta-alanine, caffeine, BCAAs, and sodium bicarbonate, which are ideal for taking before a long run or a training session. Alternatively, a natural supplement that many individuals are turning to today is beet juice. This can offer the same benefits when taken in advance of your training session and is a good choice for anyone avoiding caffeine. Before a long training session, pre-workout can be a great option to stop you from burning out when working out at our gym in Mobile.

Mental Focus

Nootropic pre-workouts focus on increasing your mental focus, which will then strive to improve your performance. As well as being used for physical exercise, many people also use these for studying or late-night gaming sessions. They don’t contain as many stimulating ingredients as other workouts, but they may still contain caffeine. Expect to find alpha GPC, acetyl L-carnitine, huperzine A, or choline bitartrate as the key ingredients. For a training session that may need more mental focus, this is a great option to go for.

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Natural Pre-Workout Options

Some people are still wary about the ingredients in pre-workout products and so prefer to take the natural route instead. If that’s the case for you, we recommend beet juice, green tea, or coffee as an alternative. Of course, coffee will still contain a high dose of caffeine, which you’ll want to avoid if you are training at night-time. It’s all about testing out a few of the different options available to you to see which gives you the best results without disrupting your health or daily routine.

Pre-workout is an excellent tool for anyone who regularly works out. When working with a Braxton Gilbert personal trainer, we understand that on some days, you’ll be rushing here straight from work. Pre-workout can offer you that extra boost you need to still get the most out of your training session each time. By testing out a selection of the options that are readily available today, you’ll find a suitable solution to boost your energy and focus for your next training session.