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Results speak the loudest

Check out a handful of awesome results from our BGF training & nutrition programs.

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Brooke Ables, 21

Over the course of 1 year, Brooke was able to lose 60 pounds, and build some serious strength and confidence!

Read her story!

Delissa Kelly, 23

Getting into shape for a wedding turned into much more for our girl, D! Now she is more than 20 pounds lighter, and stronger than ever!

Jeremy Adcock, 43

From over 300 pounds to now 180 and running marathons, Jeremy Adcock is a perfect example of someone who decided to make the change, and followed through!

Mark Earley, 30

Doesn't matter what the work day looked like, Mark Early was here to push it! Long days and long nights at the office never stopped him from showing up and putting the work to reach his goal. 50 pounds down!

Jennifer Carlisle, 38

Jennifer is one of the hardest working people ever. She has lost over 30 pounds by sheer determination and focus. Life change baby!

Jessica Gregg, 22

Want to lose a little body fat for summer? Jess is a perfect example of getting a results QUICK. not because she had a hack, but because she stayed consistent and showed up every day to make it happen!

Cheryl Scott, 52

Age ain't a thang but a chicken wing! Cheryl has doubled down on her health this year and is already seeing a difference in the way she feels, and down 20 pounds!

Bonita Fletcher, 55

Bonita doesn't play around. Since day one she has been serious about her goals. Now she is 7 inches down in the waist, and counting!

Alisha Rogers, 25

Alisha says the trainers at BGF hold a special place in her heart not just because of weight loss but also because of the CONFIDENCE they have helped instill in her. Sounds like the right team to be with!

Alana Petite, 35

Down 30 pounds in just a few months of hard work and focus on diet! We love us some hard working people!

Patrick Odom, 26

He's lost 105 pounds in the last two years. How? Good nutrition and hard training - this dude doesn't stop!

Donald Crawford, 34

Okay seriously, no joking. 17 weeks, 100 pounds down. I have no words for how hard this guy works.

Sadallia Ramsdale, 20

Tighten and tone for summer in just a few months? Check! ✅

Tracey Lee, 51

This was cool, because Tracey is actually my 5th grade teacher! Seeing her after all these years was awesome, being able to give back was even better!

Jennifer stewart, 45

Baby girl came through, worked hard, and lost 150 pounds in less than 2 years. That. Is. Dedication. What's your excuse? ;)

Dylan Burton, 25

My guy! In these pictures he's 45 pounds down. Now? He's near 60! You'll see him around the gym!

Gilbert Trejo, 41

Operation no dad bod is in full swing. Not much weight loss here, just some serious muscle gains!

Rob Hartmann, 50

My guy lost 80 pounds and was able to rep his high school bench max for 3 reps. 1 year of focus - you next?

Jacob walden, 38

Losing 50 pounds in less that 1 year - this guy has buckled down! Very proud of his effort. 5am workouts, 5 days per week. (3 with us)

Caitlin Allen, 26

I just want to feel healthy, strong and confident! And I would love to lose 20 pounds. Done! ✅

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