Shane Christian

Best personal trainers clients of Mobile, AL

Why did I Begin Personal Training

My job requires me to pass a medical exam every six months and it was during one of those exams where it became very apparent that my life style had taken a toll on my body. My weight had slowly crept up and with that so to did my blood pressure. If I couldn’t reverse those trends it could potentially cost me my medical certificate and job. I had dedicated years of study and hard work to pursue my dream career of being a professional pilot and I was not about to let something like being over weight take it away. That same level of dedication, focus and hard work had to be redirected and applied to my health to protect my career. Identifying the problem was easy, finding a solution was a little more challenging.

My lifestyle had taken a toll on my body

Why Is This Personal Training Gym Better For Me

I had toured a few gyms around town and for some reason they just didn’t fit me. BGF is not the biggest or most fancy place out there, but that’s not what I was seeking. Where BGF soared far above the competition was in an area I hadn’t really considered or prioritized until I first sat down with Braxton.  You often hear people say, “when you find the right place you will know,” I now know this to be true when it comes to selecting the right gym for you. The human factor was something I needed, that sense of belonging and a supportive family atmosphere would help push me to reach my goals. That support structure goes far beyond the walls of the gym, many times its a phone call to follow up with the weeks progress or to update on personal goals or gauge your perception of how the gym could better assist your needs. Trainers become close friends and from that bond they are able to inspire and motivate you to reach your true potential. Under careful guidance your are able to push your self to new levels, all while doing it safely in a controlled environment with highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. Being injury prone I find this to be tremendously beneficial in avoiding costly setbacks whilst training toward a goal.

Best personal trainers clients of Mobile, AL

I Am Able To Workout On the Go

I was introduced to Zoom workouts while the gym was temporarily closed due the pandemic. This is an excellent option available to those who travel or don’t want to risk exposing themselves to the virus at this time. I thought I would have lost all gains I had made prior to the gym closure, but with the help of Zoom workout sessions I was able to stay on track. Being stuck in a hotel room is no longer my excuse to miss a workout, I always have access to the gym right at my finger tips. Zoom workouts allow you to stay on track and meet those all important goals, while being carefully monitored and guided by your personal trainer. Utilizing Zoom and/or completing solo workouts that are posted to the BGF app allowed me to continue progressing towards my goals without costly delays or setbacks.

What Benefits I’ve Experienced with Personal Training

When I walked in and first met with Braxton I had some generic goals in mind: lose about 10 lbs, increase my overall strength, deal with life’s daily stresses in a healthy way and run a 5k in under 30 minutes. Without hesitation and with a big smile Braxton said he could definitely help me achieve those goals. I was pleasantly surprised when in a short few months I had exceeded those goals with a weight loss of 42 lbs, dramatically increasing my strength and stamina, and finally running a 5k in 24:53. I’m not a distance runner by any means and my body is not built for the sport, but I was able to compete in my age group and place 3rd. I could never have imagined running that distance without stopping to walk, let alone winning a medal, the results far exceeded my expectations. Blaze made sure to time my training, water intake, mental preparation and stretching precisely to ensure I was 100% prepared and ready to run come race day. Initially I thought my goals might be a little challenging, but the staff at BGF rose to the occasion and came through in a big way. I’m incredibly thankful for the guidance, patience, motivation and love that BGF bestowed upon me, I won’t hesitate for a second to give credit where credit is due or brag about you guys.

Do I Regret Getting A Personal Trainer?

No! If anything, maybe I should’ve set the bar a little higher for myself when it came to setting those personal goals. It takes a talented staff to be able to see someone’s true potential, devise a mission specific training program and not only meet, but exceed those personal goals by a large margin. Ok, one regret, I should’ve joined sooner!

Best personal trainers clients of Mobile, AL