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The Ultimate Running Playlist

When we head out on a run or hit the treadmill, most of us need something to keep us motivated and energized during our training sessions. Finding the perfect running playlist to support your training will ensure that your running session is enjoyable, even during those days where you don’t feel like working out. With so many different types of music to choose from, today we’re going to share some of the types of music and playlists that our Mobile fitness trainers love using when running.

What are the Benefits of Running to Music?

While you might think that running to music is just for your personal enjoyment, you’ll find that there are many reasons that you’d want to exercise to music at Braxton Gilbert Fitness. These are just a few of the key benefits you’ll experience when you start listening to a great running playlist in the future:

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  • Increases concentration – One of the biggest complaints our different types of trainers often hear about running is that clients find it to be very dull and repetitive. Music offers you an ongoing stimulus for your journey and will increase your concentration. You’ll be much more likely to pay attention to where you are going and how you are feeling during your run when listening to music.
  • Get into the right mindset – After a busy day at work, sometimes we aren’t in the right frame of mind for a hard workout. If you find yourself struggling to get in the mood to run, you’ll find the ultimate running playlist can help to motivate you to get up and start moving. Music is known to enhance performance and can increase your feelings of happiness and excitement.
  • Mental health benefits – Music can be so powerful for our mood, and if you struggle with anxious thoughts throughout the day, it’s a great way to distract yourself during your run. If you use running to assist with your mental health, this will be the perfect addition to your run to help you stay focused during your training session.
  • Reduces the perceived effort – There’s no denying that a long run can feel exhausting at times, even for experienced runners. Listening to music can help to reduce the perceived effort of your training and exertion levels.

Types of Music to Listen to When Running

The type of music you listen to when running can often be a very personal decision. While we always encourage you to pick tunes from your favorite artists to keep you motivated, you’ll want to look out for music with certain characteristics for the best chance of a great run. Scientifically, it’s all about the beats per minute of the track, and for running, you’ll want to find music that’s between 120 and 140 BPM. You’ll find that most dance music tracks fall into this category, but many rock and pop songs will also do the trick. This number matches the average heart rate when running, which is why it’s so effective for training sessions at Braxton Fitness.


Some runners find that they enjoy using playlists that have a strong rhythm, which allows them to coordinate their movements with the music. Motivational songs can also do the trick, and you’ll find that in any musical genre, there are inspirational songs to keep you going. By using a combination of the BPM recommendation, we shared above and finding songs that you love listening to over and again, you’ll find your runs to be so much more enjoyable.

Our Top Playlist Recommendations for Running

If you don’t have the time or energy to put together a playlist yourself, simply head online to search for a running playlist on your favorite platforms. Remember, you don’t have to listen to the same songs over and over again when training at Gilbert Fitness, so keep mixing things up during each session by choosing a new playlist.

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Best of 35 Top Hits Workout Mixes

Head to Apple Music for this upbeat pop music playlist that will get you going on even the toughest of days. It contains classic pop and dance tunes from the past decade, which are all listed with the BPM to match your heart rate.

Classic Rock for Runners

You don’t just have to stick with pop and rock music when running, and for many runners, a classic rock playlist will help to keep them going. Head back in time with this playlist from Amazon, which contains hits such as Born to Run and Start Me Up. It’s perfect for those days where you are lacking motivation and need something to get you pumped up for your run.

Best Runners Playlist from Runners Calendar

For anyone who prefers to take long runs, you’ll want to have a great selection of tunes to keep you going. Runners Calendar has put together this 100-song playlist on Spotify, which will give you hours of entertainment to keep you going. It’s ideal for anyone who is training for a marathon or half marathon and needs some more inspiration during early morning training sessions.

Party Running Playlist

Another great option on Apple Music is this party running playlist, which includes some great pop and dance tunes. It would be a fun playlist to share with your kids or teens if you are going running together and contains upbeat and happy songs to keep you going. There’s nothing like a little bit of cheesy pop during a gruelling training session, and this will boost your mood and have you dancing and singing along during your run.

Music is such a powerful tool for runners, but it’s one that we don’t often give enough credit to for inspiring us to keep going during a long run. If you are training for a race this year, you’ll find that a good running playlist like the ones we’ve shared above will keep you going on even the most tiring training sessions. By mixing things up and trying out new playlists when working on your fitness in Mobile, Alabama, you’ll find that you are never bored again when you go running in the future.