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COVID-19 has affected us all and our personal trainers what to help you continue a proactive and healthy lifestyle!

What Are We Doing for Your Health During Quarantine?

At Braxton Gilbert Fitness your health is our number one priority! We understand the current health climate is on edge and getting out of the house is highly unadvised. The question is: “What are we doing to to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to our clients?” And yes, we have Tyvek suits with our logo on them. Do we think these are necessary–no. We simply want to communicate to you we understand the worldwide position on the virus and are taking steps to ensure this virus is stopped in its tracks.

Your health is our number one priority

As a result of Governor Kay Ivey’s decision to close all unessential businesses including athletic and “close contact” service business we will be closing the gym doors Saturday, March 28 at 5:00PM.  At BGF, we want to build your health not get you sick!

What Does This Mean for Us?

We have a solution to continue your training! We will be using Zoom Cloud Meeting as a method to personally train you while you are at home. A healthy lifestyle never stops and this our fix to the state mandate business closures and the federally suggested social distancing. The tools you need to make this happen is a device with a capable webcam and the ability to download the Zoom Cloud Meeting app/program. This can be accomplished with either a smart phone or computer.

Smart Device:



We will arrange time slots available to schedule your session! Following the download – make an account, sign in, and we will call you at the scheduled time!

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Follow the downloading steps in the videos below:

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