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What is HIIT?

HIIT is one of the most popular training options at Braxton Gilbert Fitness Mobile, but the term is often used incorrectly to describe various training sessions. Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at HIIT and why you should consider incorporating it into your sessions with Mobile fitness trainers.

HIIT – What Is It?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of interval training and cardiovascular exercise. You’ll alternate periods of anaerobic exercise with recovery periods that are less intense, with the aim that you become too exhausted to continue. This method can be used with cardio exercises or is sometimes used for weight training. Generally, a HIIT workout is under 30 minutes in total but may extend to 45 minutes, depending on your fitness levels. Traditionally, you’ll do about 20 seconds of the intense exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, but these intervals will also depend on how long your session is. You may even do intervals of one to two minutes, followed by a longer rest period.

Why is HIIT Training Important?

If you already have a training plan in place here at Braxton Gilbert Fitness, you are probably wondering why it would be worth adding this type of training to your exercise routine. We have previously looked at the benefits of cardio, and HIIT offers all these benefits to individuals undertaking this type of training session. You’ll find that it will help you to build a healthier and stronger heart, and you’ll soon notice an improvement in your fitness levels. It’s known to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and abdominal fat and is accessible to anyone. HIIT is believed to offer the same benefits as other types of personal training but in a much shorter length of time.

For anyone looking to lose weight during their personal training sessions in Mobile, you’ll find this to be an excellent option due to its high calorie burn. Of course, you’ll need to complete these workouts alongside a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet to see these results, but many individuals credit HIIT training for their weight loss. If you are looking to gain muscle, this is also an effective workout option, but you’ll need to choose the right exercises to enjoy this benefit, as you’ll find most HIIT workouts primarily focus on your legs and abs.

How To Get Started With HIIT Training

As we mentioned earlier, HIIT involves a short period of intense exercise, which is then alternated with a low-intensity recovery period. Even if you only have 10 or 15 minutes a day to exercise, you’ll find you can benefit from HIIT workouts. This type of training can be applied to almost any type of exercise, including sprinting, jump rope, biking, or body weight exercises. It’s entirely up to you how you want to exercise, and you can apply this method accordingly. For example, if you are using HIIT training for running, you’ll want to sprint for 20 seconds, followed by a rest period of walking or jogging for 10 seconds. However, some research suggests you may want to increase the intervals to at least 60 seconds of high-intensity training to see the benefits.

From there, you’ll complete a certain number of rounds or repetitions of your HIIT in each session, usually totalling somewhere between four and six rounds per training session. The total length of your session will be dependent on your fitness levels, the type of exercise you are completing, and your fitness goals. Regardless of how long you train for, it’s crucial that your heart rate is increased during the short periods of exercise, which you can track using a fitness tracker if you wear one during your training sessions.

How Does HIIT Impact Your Body?

Due to the intensity of HIIT workouts, you’ll often find you burn more calories during this type of training session. HIIT workouts increase your body’s repair cycle, which means in the 24 hours following your HIIT workout, you’ll continue to burn more fat and calories than you usually would. Most of us aren’t used to pushing our bodies into the anaerobic zone, but HIIT gives you great results by pushing your body further. A lot of research has been undertaken into HIIT, and it’s believed that after just two months of HIIT workouts, individuals could cycle or run for double the length of time as they could previously.

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Many individuals find that when they are dieting, they often lose their hard-earned muscle mass along with fat. Certain forms of cardio, such as running, are often linked to this muscle loss, whereas HIIT workouts and weight training don’t seem to have this effect so often. To help with the weight loss, HIIT increases your metabolism as it helps encourage your body to produce more of the human growth hormone, with up to 450% more being produced in the following 24 hours. This then increases your calorie burn and could also help to reduce the signs of aging.

Workout Suggestions For HIIT

One of the things we love about HIIT is that it can be done at any time and with minimal equipment. If you are on vacation and can’t attend our Mobile, AL gym, you’ll still be able to keep up your fitness levels. The most popular types of HIIT workout include:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Jump roping
  • Rowing
  • Plyometric exercises
  • Stairs challenges
  • Battle ropes

As you can see, there are so many options when it comes to HIIT workouts, and you can do this type of workout from anywhere. We always recommend working with a personal trainer in Mobile when starting out with HIIT to help avoid injury and ensure you are completing your workout safely. Many individuals find that they often overdo HIIT workouts, so you’ll want to ensure you know how to time the intervals properly to enjoy all of the benefits and results listed above. If you are looking to improve your fitness levels quickly this year, we highly recommend adding HIIT sessions to your current training plan.